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Feng Shui Consulting for a Happier Home & Office

Abundant Feng Shui Creations helps you to create environments that connect with your personal life goals of good health, prosperity, love, harmony, and so on.  A consultation provides you with an accurate assessment of the chi of your land, home/office, bedroom, neighborhood, bagua placement with the cures, adjustments, and methods so you can enhance any space or designs no matter what stage you are in, and creating the most incredible and beautiful place to live and work. Let your environment affect you daily in the most positive way possible by using Feng Shui. The art is thousands of years old and still used in homes and offices around the globe. Your environment truly can affect you, and Feng Shui is the art of making it affect you in a positive way.

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Feng Shui Today

Feng Shui takes into account modern life, the environments we live in, and our needs and wants. Customers and practitioners alike see enhancement in their lives on many levels when  it is used properly. You'll find that you sleep better, enjoy a more harmonious family life, improve your career and finances, and that opportunities come more easily and life seems to have less severe hardships and struggles. It will be smoother to reach your highest potential. You'll also noticed communication and almost every other part of your life take on a more positive feel with the right energy in your home.

Through Feng Shui, you'll find that your now-balanced home will enable you to reach your highest potential easier. During the service, Kathy will remove items that block good fortune and create a more natural flow of positive energy to and through your home. Our services include:

On-Site & Off-Site Consulting | Energy Work, Blessings, & Space Clearings | Bagua Placement | Renovation Consulting | Life Situation Consulting | Finding the 'Right' Home Consulting | Selling Your Home Consulting | Landscape Design Consulting | Site Selection Consulting

Create with Confidence

During a professional Feng Shui consultation, Kathy eliminates guesswork and teaches you how your home and workplace contribute to your life. She removes negative influences and helps you find power centers while teaching you how to use them. You'll also find that your life, and that of your family, is enhanced using flexible ways to achieve energetic shifts. Your specific intentions are easy to achieve when energy flows through your home easier.