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Enlightening Feng Shui Classes & Practitioner Training

Kathy of Abundant Feng Shui Creations has enjoyed teaching Feng Shui classes since 1995. Whether offering practitioner classes or general education, it's great teaching people about the impact their environment can have in every aspect of their life and every aspect of their  business. Over the years, the demand for information in the Black Sect school of Feng Shui has grown tremendously. Many novice students and professionals have worked with Kathy, and taken much from her practical teachings.

About Kathy's Classes

All of your educational materials are available via correspondence, except for the Fundamental Practitioner Training. Kathy has found that it is imperative to experience the art in the classroom and on-site to really get the skills necessary to be an incredible practitioner. Once you have built a strong core of knowledge, then continuing Feng Shui study at a distance becomes an option. Our classes include:

Basic Home | Career |  Color & Feng Shui |  Commercial Feng Shui | Five Elements | Front Door Aspects | Health | Intermediate Home | Kitchen & Stove | Landscape Design | Love, Relationships, & Marriage | Office Feng Shui | Real Estate Tools | Space Clearing Level I or II | Travel Feng Shui | Wealth Levels I, II, & III |

What Students Are Saying

"Exploring Feng Shui with Kathy Mann is an experience that will change your life. Kathy's in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui as well as her highly developed intuitive sense and spirituality enable her to totally immerse her students in this fascinating study. I consider it a blessing to have found such a sincere, practical, loving and giving teacher."
Marie F. - New Port Richey, FL

Practitioner Training

Feng Shui demand is growing daily at a very fast rate. Studying Feng Shui takes time, dedication and desire. There are many aspects to learn. This class gives you a solid foundation from which to grow in your Feng Shui knowledge and experience. It will enable you to begin a business and you will understand and assess the flow of Chi in any environment. Kathy Mann will give you tools to cultivate your chi for great assessments of architecture, design, and space utilization in homes and businesses.  

You will learn how to access visible and invisible Feng Shui factors and master how to apply the Bagua and tap into it as a source of vast information. You will be given a step-by-step process that will guide you to conduct precise Feng Shui analysis. Secrets not available in books will be revealed, and a training manual is provided. Homework, individual coaching sessions, and practical education exercises will be part of your training. During your training, you will gain a solid Feng Shui foundation like dozens of other successful students of Kathy Mann have since 1997. People from all across the United States have trained and continue their education in advanced programs and apprenticeship programs for continued study with Kathy.